This website is operated by MovingaGmbH, Perleberger Str. 42, 10559 Berlin (as the data controller withinthe meaning of data protection law). Movinga GmbH (hereinafter"Movinga") takes the protection of personal data very seriously. Weset out below which data we collect, process and use, as well as for whichpurposes, and inform you about your rights.

Your data is always collected, processed andused under consideration of the relevant German and European data protectionprovisions. If we use your personal data for a particular purpose whichrequires your consent according to the statutory provisions, we will alwaysobtain your expressconsent pursuant to Art. 6 paragraph 1(a) GDPR beforeprocessing commences. Please note that some of our services require theprocessing of personal data.

In determining retention periods, we are guided by thepurposes for which the collection of your personal data is necessary as well asby our contractual rights and duties, the statutory retention periods, thestatutory provisions on limitation periods, our legitimate interests afterconsideration of your interests as the data subject, and recommendations of theresponsible data protection authorities.

Should you have questions or concernsregarding data protection, please contact our company data protection officer Ms Tanja Voigt(attorney) by email to or by post to Movinga GmbH, Sonnenburger Str. 73, 10437Berlin, providing sufficient details to allow individualisation of your person(e.g. name, email address) as well as a copy of your personal ID card (frontand back). Our data protection officer is commissioned in an independentmanner to monitor the internal application of data protection provisions, alsoin collaboration with the supervisory authorities. You will receive a responsewithin one month of receipt of your enquiry. This deadline can be extended totwo months if your enquiry requires intensive investigation or if we receivenumerous enquiries.

1. Type,scope and purpose of the collection, processing and use of personal data

You can visit our website and inform yourselfwithout having to provide personal information. No personal data that couldlead to your identification is collected during your visit to our website – inprinciple, you remain anonymous. The data that is transferred from yourinternet browser or end device when you load anew page – such as the date, the length of your visit, your truncated IPaddress or the name of your internet serviceprovider – is used by us without any personal reference.

We collect personal data that you willinglyprovide when visiting our website, for example when you book/order our services,register a user account or subscribe to our newsletter. Which personal data wecollect and process is described below:

Processingof personal data in the use of services on the website/ pre-contractual relationship

The servicesavailable on our website include our relocation services. In using thisservice, we ask you to provide the addresses to and from which you arerelocating and the date of the move. We also ask for your first and familynames, your telephone number and your email address. We use the data providedby you in the context of the initiation of a contract and/or the drawing up ofan offer. We send an offer for your enquiry to the email address provided byyou. It is also possible that we contact you by telephone or by email todiscuss the offer further. If you decide to take up the offer, we will use thedata provided on the type and content of the relocation for the processing ofyour booking/order.

If you decide not totake up the offer, your personal data will be retained for a maximum of sixmonths and then deleted. We retain your data for longer than this only if youhave expressly consented. The basis for the use of your data is the fulfilmentof pre-contractual measures in accordance with Art. 6 paragraph 1(b) GDPR.

Processingof personal data in the case of booking/ordering relocation services

When you book/orderrelocation services from us, we require your first and family names, theaddresses to and from which you are relocating, your email address, yourtelephone number and your bank details/credit card data, as well as anyprevious bookings. If you already have a registered user account for ourwebsite, we can use the data that already exists for that account. Otherwise wewill ask you to provide the data when booking/ordering.

We require this datain order to provide the service for which you have made a booking/placed anorder, as well as to contact you in accordance with Art. 6 paragraph 1(b) GDPR.We send confirmation of your booking/order to the email address provided byyou. We also require information on the method of payment. Your bank details orcredit card information will not be saved by us once the transaction has beencompleted. After successful payment, we retain your personal data for thepurposes of fulfilling our statutory obligations, e.g. accounting duties andthose duties that we have towards you as the customer.

If you have decidedto accept our offer and have relocated with us, we save your personal dataafter completion only in accordance with trade and tax provisions, unless youhave provided your express consent for retention of the data beyond completionof the relocation services. In addition, we process your personal data in orderto be able to meet our obligations in the event of a complaint. We base ourretention periods on the statutory limitation periods. Thereafter, we deleteyour personal data.

We may engagesubcontractors for the execution of your booking/order. We require evidencefrom them regarding their approval and qualification to conduct their business,such as a business licence, transport licence, licences pursuant to roadhaulage legislation (GüKG), haulier liability insurance and business liabilityinsurance. We retain these documents for the duration of the collaboration,beyond this only in accordance with the statutory retention obligations.

If we engage serviceproviders for the execution of your booking/order (e.g. subcontractors orpayment service providers), these service providers will receive from us onlythe data that they require to execute the order. In such cases, the serviceprovider is liable for his own protection of your personal data in accordancewith his own data privacy policy.

For the retentionperiods of your data, we are guided by the tax and commercial-law provisions.After expiry of these retention periods, we delete your data.

Processingof personal data in the case of registering a user account

When you register fora user account on our website, your personal data is saved to enable the fasterand easier booking/ordering of our services in the future. In doing so, you aregiven access to further services, including the option of leaving feedback.

When registering auser account on our website, we will ask you for your first and family names,your address, email address, telephone number and date of birth. Once you areregistered on our website, we will also save your booking history. By providingthis personal data, you facilitate the booking/ordering process for ourservices. Your personal data is saved on the basis of our legitimate andjustified interests in accordance with
Art. 6 paragraph 1(f) GDPR to facilitate your future bookings or orders for ourservices. We have considered the balance of interests and have limited theamount of information about you which we process to that which we consideressential.

Your personal datawill be saved for as long as you have an active user account with us. We willdelete user accounts that are no longer used together with the data associatedwith these.

Registeringa user account in subscribing to the content of our newsletter

If you are interestedin our company, you can register to receive our newsletter with information about Movinga and offers from ourcooperation partners. We require your email address for this. Once you providethis, we will request your consent for the processing of your data as part ofthe registration process and refer to this data privacy notice. The basis forthe processing of your data is Art. 6 paragraph 1(a) GDPR.

If you havebooked/ordered our services, we may send you information about Movinga andoffers from our cooperation partners by email.

We may make use ofthird parties, who send out the newsletter on our behalf. In selecting thisservice provider, we ensure that it is certified under the EU Privacy Shield,if it located outside the EU. This way, we make sure that your data is alwaysprotected by an appropriate data protection standard.

You can revoke yourconsent at any time by unsubscribing to further newsletter mailings. When youunsubscribe, we will delete any data used for the mailing of the newsletter.

The easiest way tounsubscribe is to follow the instructions at the bottom of the receivednewsletter or to send a message by email to the above-mentioned contact addressrevoking your consent. We will delete your email address once youunsubscribe.

Organisationof competitions and prize draws

Movinga can organisecompetitions and prize draws. The data of the participants in a competition orprize draw is processed by us with the aim of guaranteeing the proper procedureof the competition/draw and, in particular, to be able to contact the winnersand quickly and efficiently provide you with your prize in the event of a win.

The legal basis forthe processing of your personal data is the fulfilment of a contract concludedwith you pursuant to Art. 6 paragraph 1(b) GDPR, in this case a contract forthe purposes of participating in a competition or prize draw.

The processed dataare as follows: Personal identification data (family name, first name, emailaddress and the postal address in the event of a win). Electronicidentification data are IP address, cookies and the index of connections.


For an application asan employee at Movinga, we ask for your contact data as well as information onyour training and professional experience. If you are not employed by Movingafollowing the application process, we will retain your data for a further sixmonths. This way, we make sure that we can answer any questions that may ariseconcerning your application process.

After six months, wedelete your personal data completely. In individual cases, we ask for consentto store your data for a further six months in order to be able to offer youany positions which become free in the future.

The legal basis forthe processing of your data is Art. 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1(b) GDPR.

2. Useof cookies

We use so-called cookies in order to make thenavigation and use of our website as user-friendly as possible. Cookies aresmall text files that are saved to your hard-drive when you visit our website and whichallow identification when you visit the website again.Cookies also allow the tracking of the preferences and behaviour of thevisitor so that the design of our website can be optimised. This means that wecan match the content of our website specifically to your requirements and thusimprove our offer for you. The cookies used by us do not save any personal dataand cannot be associated with you; they are pseudonymised by technicalmeasures.

We also use cookies from third-partyproviders. This means that some cookies on our website come from companies withwhich we cooperate and to whom we provide information. These types of cookiesare normally used for advertising and statistics about the website. Theinformation collected is based, for example, on your use of the website, yourlanguage settings and your choice of browser, but not data personallyassociated with you such as names or addresses.

You can deactivate the option for savingcookies at any time in the system settings of your browser and delete anyexisting cookies. Our website is accessible by all users, even when the use ofcookies is not permitted. We point out that, if you do not accept cookies,certain functions on our website may be restricted.

3. Ouruse of services by third parties

In the context of our activities, there may be occasionon which we share your personal data. Of course, this is done in such a waythat the optimal protection of your personal data is guaranteed.

Collection for analysis andstatistics

Data is collected and saved on our website with thehelp of the following services by third-party providers: Google Analytics,Hotjar, New Relic, Optimizely and MailChimp. In using our website, userprofiles with user names will be created in the respective analysis service.The user profiles are used for analysis of user behaviour as well as for theevaluation and improvement of our service offerings according to the needs ofour users. Cookies may be used for this purpose. The user profile will not be associatedwith personal data concerning the person behind the user name, unless the datasubject provides their express permission for this. You can contact us at anytime and object to further collection and saving of data for the analysis ofyour use of the website by sending an email to You canalso prevent the collection of data concerning your use of the website byadjusting your browser settings.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, an internetanalysis service by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics usescookies, which are stored on your computer and enable analysis of your use ofthe website. The information generated by the cookies on your use of the websiteis generally transmitted to the Google servers in the USA and stored there. IPanonymisation is activated on this website, meaning that we collect your IPaddress but this is truncated before it is transferred to Google. The full IPaddress is transferred to the Google servers in the USA and truncated thereonly in exceptional cases. A truncated IP address cannot be associated with theperson using it and is thus not considered to be personal data.

On our behalf, Google uses the transmitted informationto evaluate your use of our website in order to be able to create reports onthe activity on the website and offer us further services in connection withthe use of the website and the internet.

The IP address sent by Google Analytics from yourbrowser will not be associated by Google with other data. You can preventcookies being saved by adjusting your browser settings but we point out thatthis can mean that you will not be able to fully use all functions of thiswebsite. In addition, you can prevent Google from collecting data generated onyour use of the website (including your IP address) by the cookie as well asGoogle's processing of this data by downloading and installing the followingbrowser plugin:

You can also prevent the future collection of yourdata by Google Analytics when visiting our website by clicking on the followinglink. An opt-out cookie will then be placed that prevents the future collectionof your data when visiting this website: Deactivate Google Analytics

Google has committed itself to the US Privacy Shield;the certificate can be viewed here.

Hotjar Web Analytics

This website uses the services of Hotjar webAnalytics. Hotjar uses cookies, for example, and can register mouse clicks,mouse movements and scroll activities. Hotjar collects information about thecountry in which you are located, which sort of device you use when you visitthe website, which operating system and browser you use, which pages you havevisited and what measures were taken. Hotjar does not collect personal datathat could lead to your identification, unless you voluntarily provide it onthis website. Hotjar does not collect payment information and does not trackyour user behaviour on pages that do not use Hotjar services. Hotjar'sprocessing of the data on your use of this website is in accordance withHotjar's terms and conditions and policies. Further information on this and onHotjar can be found here. Youwill find a detailed description of the implementation of the requirements ofthe GDPR here.


Braze is used for customer communication via email, SMS and pushnotifications (mobile apps and websites). We use Braze for the modulation,content design and transfer of communications. To this end, personal data suchas the name and email address are also processed in order to personalisecommunication. Data is transferred to Braze via direct interfaces with ourproducts (SDKs and APIs) and not via cookies. More information on Braze can befound here.

Payment service providers

If you decide on one of the payment options with our paymentservice providers, you will be asked during theordering process to consent to the transfer to the payment serviceprovider of the data necessary for the paymentprocess and an identity and credit-worthiness check. If you provide your consent,your data (first and family names, street, house number, postcode, city, dateof birth, telephone number and the account details provided) as well as thedata connected with your order will be passed on to the payment serviceprovider. This is also undertaken in accordance with Art. 6 paragraph 1(b)GDPR.

For the purposes of their own identity andcredit-worthiness check, the payment service provider or a partner company commissioned by it transfers data tocredit agencies and receives from these information including, where relevant,credit-rating information on the basis of a mathematical-statistical processwhich incorporates your address details, for example. The legal basisfor this is Art. 6 paragraph 1(f) GDPR.

Social Media Plugins

We integrate plugins from the social networks Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest into our website. When you click on the respectiveplugin, a connection between your browser and the respective social mediaserver can be established, through which the social media provider receivesyour IP address. If you are logged in to your social media account at the sametime, your visit to the website can be associated with your account.

Transfer of your data to other thirdparties

For the purposes of implementing our contractual conditionsin accordance with Art 6 paragraph 1(f) GDPR, we can also pass your data on tothird parties, to collection service providers, for example. This legal basisalso applies if we pass your data on to the authorities, e.g. customs or publicprosecutor's office, for the purposes of crime prevention. It may happen thatwe are obligated to pass on your data in order to fulfil statutory obligations,e.g. on request by certain authorities. If the authorities request informationon your data in the course of their legal duties, this occurs in accordancewith Art. 6 paragraph 1(c) GDPR.



Transfer of data abroad

To meetthe requirements of certain processing, certain data will be transferred tooutside the European Economic Area.


Wetransfer your personal data and/or provide access to this by subcontractors,service providers or third parties who are located in non-member states of theEuropean Economic Area only when:

-       The registered office is in astate that guarantees an adequate level of protection based on a ruling onadequacy by the European Commission.

-       Suitable guarantees areimplemented in accordance with the GDPR, such as:

·       the signing of the standardcontract clause adopted by the European Commission for the transfer of personaldata to processors in third countries (2010/87/UE).

·       recourse to regulations frommandatory provisions for approved companies, or

·       the application of an approvedCode of Conduct.


Every transfer of personal data to a countryoutside the European Economic Area is ended immediately if the ruling onadequacy or every other comparable guarantee concerning this transfer isdeclared invalid or is no longer sufficient for the conditions.


4. Yourrights

You have the right to receive information, onrequest and free of charge, on the personal data we have saved about you or onyour data which is saved pseudonymously.
In addition, the right in the legally foreseen cases to correct incorrect orincomplete data as well as to block or delete data. Moreover, you have the rightat any time to object to the further use of your personal data with futureeffect. We point out that your right to have data deleted may be limited due tostatutory retention duties which we are obliged to fulfil or due to thefulfilment of legal obligations.
You also have the right to request that personal data provided to us by you andwhich we process on the basis of your consent is passed on to another datacontroller, provided this is possible. Otherwise, we transfer it to you(so-called data portability). You also have the right to lodge acomplaint with a supervisory authority. You can contact us at theabove-mentioned contact addresses for all data privacy matters.

The contact details for the Berlin officer for dataprotection and freedom of information are:

Maja Smoltczyk

Friedrichstr. 219

10969 Berlin


Tel: +49 (0)30 138890



5.Application of this policy

Unless otherwise stated, this policy concernsexclusively our use and processing of personal data. Please note: When youprovide third parties, e.g. providers, with data on our website or otherwebsites, your data may be used there for other purposes. If you use theservices of third-party providers, their terms and conditions and data privacypolicy apply; Movinga does not check these.

We recommend checking how these providers useyour data before using their services and providing your personal data. Pleaseremember that you are transferred to the website of another internet providerwhen you click on an external link.


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