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Movinga: your trusted moving company for moves to and within Berlin

Capital of hearts, capital of moving

Wherever in Berlin you plan on moving to, a professional moving company like Movinga will help you navigate the urban jungle. No matter, whether you are planning a private or company move, Movinga is always well prepared for the daily traffic chaos as well as tourists swarming the city: If you're looking for a reliable moving company instead of cheap prices and less than professional service, Movinga is the company for you. Especially as an expat, moving to or within a foreign city can be extremely challenging. In addition to the normal stress related to leaving your accustomed place of living, you might also struggle to handle the whole administrative process. This applies especially for those who do not speak the native language. But never worry: Our local knowledge will help you here. Additionally, we offer great customer service in English. At Movinga, we speak your language!

Moving made as easy as planning your summer holiday

Our comfortable online booking tool, also available in English, allows you to plan and book your move in just a few clicks. All you need to do is enter a few details, select the services you require . The volume of your move and the moving costs will automatically be calculated. Our moving quotes are absolutely free and you can use them to compare other moving companies. You can do the whole booking process on the phone with one of our experienced moving consultants.

Using modern technology, we find the local moving company best suited to carry out your move. Here, we actively try to avoid empty truck journeys. This not only lowers the price for you, the customer, but also benefits the environment!

We also offer a wide range of additional moving services for you to choose from. Once you have booked, you can sit back and relax while our experts handle everything else. They make sure that all your belonging are transported safely. Every move comes with a free-of-charge moving consultant. This way, you will always have the support you need – before, during and after the move. Ready for your move to Berlin with a professional moving company? Read more about Movinga's moving services in Berlin.

Award-winning moving service

The experience of thousands of moves has helped us to consistently improve our services. This dedication to continued improvement has not gone unnoticed. For one thing, the majority of our customers is very satisfied with their move. You can find their verdicts on various rating web pages like Trusted Shops. Additionally, we have also been awarded the German Mittelstandspreis and named Start-up of the Year 2015 in Germany. We are looking forward to also conduct your move to your full satisfaction.

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Moving tips for your move to Berlin

Honest and direct – but always charming

Brandenburger Tor and Checkpoint Charlie, Currywurst and Döner, Bionade and Club Mate – History and the influence of a multitude of cultures can be found everywhere in Berlin. Berlin is its people, no matter their nationality. Berlin is different, chaotic, sometimes confusing but always honest, charming in its own way and, above all, welcoming to anyone that chooses to stay here.

Experience Berlin

Berlin is attractive: Roughly 80.000 people a year moved to Berlin in 2013 alone. And the trend holds. Since 2010, Berlin's population has grown by roughly 1 % every year. Remarkably, the average age of someone living in Berlin has, due to this influx of mostly young people, actually lowered. While the average German counts 44.1 years, the average Berliner is only 42.9 years old. Most of these people move because of the attractive job opportunities in Germany's startup haven.

East/West, old and new districts

Slowly but surely, the differences between East and West Berlin are disappearing. 36 % of Berliners already state that they notice no difference anymore. This number will only increase. And while history must not be forgotten, the increased diversity in all of Berlin due to the apparent assimilation between the districts helps to make Berlin a great place to stay.

More time to relax and explore

Did you know, that roughly 44 % of Berlin's area is made up of parks, forests, lakes and rivers? That makes Berlin Europe’s greenest capital! It would, therefore, be a shame, if you had to spend your first days carrying boxes instead of exploring your new neighbourhood. If you're looking for a place to relax, you should give Köpenick a try. The district located close to the ongoing construction project BER airport consists of about 50 % forests and rivers.

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Our top 5 insider tips for Berliners and those wanting to be

1. Affordable Berlin

Rent is continuously getting more expensive and Berlin is no exception. Consider flats in Tempelhof, Moabit, Wedding or Reinickendorf if you are still looking for an affordable place to live.

2. Explore Berlin in company

The VBB-Umweltkarte (the monthly ticket for train, tram, subway and bus) allows for one extra adult and up to three children to ride with you free-of-charge after 8 pm on a weekday and all day on weekends. You should also consider buying the ticket for one year in advance. That will save you roughly 20 %.

3. Nur ditt beste für dir, wa?

The sentence above can be translated as: "Only the best for you!". And you will notice, that Berlin really does offer the best of what in other cities would be presented with minimal effort. One great example is the Döner, a kebab if you will. Most Döners in Berlin are far superior in quality to their international equivalents. If you want to try the best of the best, head to Mustafas Gemüsedöner at Mehringdamm. Only downside: Due to its popularity, queues are not uncommon.

4. The sightseeing alternative

Do you want to avoid having to pay premium fees for sightseeing busses? Berlin has got you covered. Simply get on the bus lines 100 and 200. They will take you past most of the important sightseeing locations at the price of a normal public transport ticket.

5. Must-have apps

The "BVG Fahrinfo PLUS" offers public transport times, a map and a shop for tickets. “Die Berliner Mauer“ provides you with interesting facts and stories about Berlin.

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